Group Rides and Routes

Group Rides and Routes

Suggested routes in and around the Oshkosh area

Rides are on public roads or trails.  Follow all rules of the road.  Jump on the route at any point or modify as you wish.... enjoy.

1.  12 mile route 

2.  15 mile route

3.  16 mile route

4.  25 mile route

5. 27 mile route

6. 30 mile route

7. 36 mile route

8. 43 mile route

9. 50 mile route

10. 80 mile route


MONDAY EVENINGS - updated 01/31/2019

Winnebago Bicycle
Weather permitting, we will leave from the store following the suggested times below: 

-Through April - start at 5:30pm
-May through Labor Day - 6:00pm
-After Labor Day - 5:30pm  

I have a route map attached for reference, we feel it will provide quiet roads and plenty of opportunities to work on your riding endurance.   

We are looking forward to riding together, and over the upcoming years, making this one of the best group rides in the area. 

Please feel free to mention this to any riding buddy you have, more riders the merrier.   

See you on Monday nights! 

TUESDAY EVENINGS  - updated 01/31/2019

Currently no Tuesday evening ride

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS - updated 01/31/2019

Wheel & Sprocket Wednesday night ride is for road cyclists of all abilities. We welcome racers to first timers. Our ride is one of the larger in the Fox Valley and offers new riders a chance to prepare for rides like Race the Lake! 

For 2019 the fast group (group 1) will start out ahead of everyone else and the following two groups will start 5-10 minutes after. The fast group is for those who wish to challenge themselves at a competitive pace knowing that it is possible to be dropped off the back.  

Group 2 and 3 will focus on keeping the group together, fun group ride etiquette, pace lining, and learn the rules of the road. 

We will keep a warm up pace until Clairville Road crosses over Highway 44. 

Meet at Wheel & Sprocket Oshkosh in the parking lot behind the shop or park on the access road off of Dickenson Ave. next to Wesner Auto body. Ride start times will be 5:30pm until the third Sunday in April, 6:00pm after the third Sunday in April including Labor Day, and back to 5:30pm after Labor Day.

The same bike route is used each week for groups 2 and 3 and can be seen on the Wednesday Rides Map. 20-mile (green) and 12-mile (orange) routes are also available. 

Feel free to contact Wheel & Sprocket for more details about this ride. The shop number is (920) 232-0900.

Thursday Night Group Ride - updated 1/31/2019

Join a social ride (not Wheel and Sprocket organized) leaving from Jacob Shapiro school at 5:30 pm. Approximately 24 mile ride at a 14-17 mph pace.

FRIDAY NIGHT RIDE - updated 4/22/2016

Wheel and Sprocket:  Ride will begin and end at Bare Bones Brewery located at 4362 County Hwy S in Oshkosh on on the SE corner of County Rd S and County Rd Y.  This ride is geared for everyone.  This ride is a no drop ride that is set at a casual pace.  Distances vary between 10-20 miles round trip depending on what the group wants to do.  The ride is weather permitting since it is on the Wiowash Trail.  If there are questions or comments please email or 920-232-0900

Suggested Ride Start Times

Below are suggested ride times based upon the time of the year and the amount of sunset. The schedule is only a suggestion but is intended to give people a 2 hour window and to keep you safe. The latest sunset days of the year in Oshkosh are from June 22 - June 29 when sunset comes at 8:41 PM. Sunrise information is available here (among many other places).

  • To the third Sunday in April -- 5:30

  • After the third Sunday in April to and including Labor Day -- 6:00

  • After Labor Day -- 5:30